Last winter, shooting wrapped up for a documentary on Louise Lecavalier directed by Raymond St-Jean and produced by Michel Ouellette (producer of two other films spotlighting the dancer). Illustrated by dance scenes recreated especially for the camera, the film is a mosaic-like, close-up portrait of the artist, who mines her own life to nourish her art, through joys, encounters, friendships, and challenges. Entitled Louise Lecavalier – In Motion, the film premiered in September at the Quebec City Film Festival and in October at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Theatrical release on March 30, 2018 in Montreal, Quebec city and Sherbrooke. The film was named the ex-æquo winner of the prize for Best Dance Film of the Year by the French professional association of theatre, music, and dance critics on June 18, in Paris. Filmoption


Louise Lecavalier stands out in Corps rebelles, an exhibition, presented at Quebec City’s Musée de la Civilisation in 2015-2016 and at Musée des Confluences in Lyons in 2016-2017. In it, she embodies virtuosic dance, her body magnified in all its glory, pushing its limits even as it reveals its fragility and poetry.

¨Meeting David Bowie was to succumb to the charm of a supernatural being…and yet, he was real and normal. We laughed and danced. He had a strong affect on me and I’ve missed him ever since. Today, I’m mourning a dear friend and an extraordinary artistic partner.”